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America's Army is a great game packed with action and excitement
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The sole purpose of America's Army was to be used as a recruitment tool for the US Army. The game was created to promote the values of the army among youngsters, encouraging them to sign up. However they didn't realized that the online game was so well-made that it created a very big gaming community. The game is basically a first-person shooter with tactical elements. You take some basic training off-line and then you are ready to join a server and play the game. In each map there are two teams, no matter in which team you join, you will be part of the US army, while the opposing team will be an enemy force. This is accomplished by changing the opposing team's models and weapons. You select a weapon class for your soldier, and start completing the mission. Missions range from basic territorial control, to escort missions. The maps are very well done, as well as the graphics and the weapon modeling. Multi player in the game is stable and fast. The thing that puts off many gamers its the game's realism compared to other FPS. Even if you don't plan to join the US Army, this game is one of the best squad-based online FPS out there, and above all, it's free.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Great squad-based combat


  • Too realistic for some people
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